Best Canon Lenses 2021

Canon has been a leader in the photographic equipment market for several years. The brand produces lenses for video shooting and models for photography, which differ in technological parameters, functionality, and practicality. Each canon telephoto lens has a specific mount structure. EF devices are designed for full-frame cameras but can be combined with sensors with an EF-S bayonet mount, and with an adapter, they can be combined with cameras whose bayonet is marked EF-M or RF.

The Best Canon EF, EF-S Lenses

DSLR cameras for beginners produce photos that are very different from those taken with a smartphone or regular digital camera. They offer more options and manual adjustments, plus the ability to swap lenses and experiment with options from portraits to wide-angle shots. For those who are far from manual control, DSLR cameras also have a large number of simplified automatic modes. Gradually, it will be easier to switch from them to manual ones.

Major breakthrough technologies used in Canon EF, EF-S lenses:

  1. Multilayer diffractive optical elements (abbreviation “DO” in the name of the lens). They can significantly reduce the weight and size of telephoto lenses while maintaining the quality of the generated images and good correction of basic aberrations.
  2. Ultrasonic focusing motor (abbreviation “USM” in the lens name). Allows you to make autofocus fast, accurate, and virtually silent. There are ring-type USM and micromotor USM motors. The former is much preferable in all respects, but lenses with them are usually more expensive.
  3. Optical stabilization (abbreviation “IS” in the name of the lens). Special movable optical elements and gyroscopes in the lens construction. Optical stabilization allows you to shoot at slower shutter speeds without shaking (blurring the image due to shaking hands or support). This feature is especially important for telephoto lenses. Canon lenses currently use IS in 4-5 stops. Of the minuses – as a rule, the weight and size of the lens increases, and the micro-sharpness in the images decreases slightly.

Best Mirrorless Professional Canon Lens EOS R

The release of cameras, which allow you to trim the picture in the correct way with the mirror ones, helps the photographic technology compete with smartphones. In the last few years, the sale of cameras fell by 80%.

Companies are trying to turn the interest of customers to their products. The EOS R will be on sale in October 2020, the camera with a 30.3-megapixel matrix will cost $ 2,130. The mirrorless camera has a new mount for the Canon RX lens. The classmates of the elderly have been able to use an adapter, which is hoping to sell EOS R in one hour.

The camera is equipped with a variety of sensors – air quality, volatile organic compounds, light, motion, noise, and an accelerometer. It is possible to connect to a home network via the RJ45 port. Also installed, the 5-megapixel camera has a wide viewing angle of 135 ° and is equipped with night vision for shooting video in HD format. The Withings Home camera for communication has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

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