Comparison of Avast and AVG: What is the Difference?

Greetings, dear readers. You probably do have an antivirus protection solution installed on your home computer, don’t you? If you don’t, then we strongly recommend choosing your app. It can be either a paid antivirus app or its free alternatives. In most cases, people prefer free versions. Despite the fact that you don’t need to pay for such programs, their protection level is mostly enough for home users.

In this article we’ll check two popular antivirus solutions. This comparison of Avast and AVG is called to show you if they are different and how. Let’s roll.

A Word about Avast

Nowadays, Avast is definitely among the most popular antivirus solutions available on the planet. The official website says there are 400 million users preferring Avast. That’s a huge number, don’t you think? Still, if you check the comparison of free and premium versions of their app, you’ll see that the free option offers nothing more but a virus detection and deleting module. This means, you’ll have to use a third-party firewall or keep using the standard built-in solution for Windows.

Comparing Avast to other antivirus applications, we could say that the only field where it falls behind some opponents (including AVG) is performance. Yes, system checking for viruses is slightly more time-taking than one might want. 

Nevertheless, we can’t call Avast too “laggy”. You probably won’t even notice the speed of OS functioning with or without the antivirus running. The core app itself is represented as three screens: file system, mail, and web that partially serves as a firewall.

The most obvious minus of Avast is the presence of ads right on the main page of an app. It is not intrusive or annoying. Avast doesn’t insist when showing you the possibility to use the premium version, and it’s a small plus making the user’s experience a bit smoother.

There is a 30-day trial period available for you without registration. After that, you’ll need to pass through the procedure and get at least 1-year long free license. In theory, it can be prolonged as many times as you need. 

All in all, developers pay much attention to their product, and it can be noticed in their attention to detail (sound, interface, user comfort, etc.).

AVG: The Czech Antivirus Solution

After downloading the AVG Free, you’ll see the Windows-8-startup-styled interface, which is comfortable and friendly enough. The only but is that advertising block at the bottom of the window. It is not annoying and can be hidden with a couple clicks. Though, it appears again after you hide and then open the app again.

There is no problem with registration. The process can even improve your mood a bit with some humor. Go check it yourself if you are looking for an antivirus right now.

All in all, there is nothing more to say about differences between Avast and AVG except of the fact that our taste is more on the Avast’s side. That’s personal, and your choice may be different. In terms of protection and performance, AVG is neither ahead nor behind Avast.

So What’s Up?

Everything’s pretty simple here. If you need an antivirus with good tech support and an always relevant database, you can easily choose AVG or Avast without losing in quality. Keep i9n mind that AVG is a bit faster in scanning, but in our opinion, it has slightly less comfortable interface.

Avast vs AVG comparison result: a draw.