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Desktop Proxy

Desktop Proxy

Whenever you are using the internet in your desktop computer and set up your internet connection, you might have seen Proxy Settings. And you might wonder what this is and why it is used for. Well, Proxy on the internet is the get way for your device and the internet. Your Desktop Proxy primarily gives you security, privacy and various usability on your internet surfing. The best and most common usage of Proxy Server is using the internet in multiple devices with a single internet connection.

The proxy server works as an intermediary when a user sends a request to the internet. Every time you sends a request to the internet, the Proxy server first accept the user request of the user and look for the resources in its local cache. If the resources are not found then it uses its own IP address and act as a client to send a request to the internet and receives the resource for the client.

Proxy server keeps its frequently asked request in its cache and serves the user. It?s up to the user of the proxy server. They can use it for both legal and illegal purpose through hiding their original IP address. Different corporation normally usage proxy to secure their facility connection and data privacy.

How Desktop Proxy helps you?

  1. If you do not want your children to use the desktop computer or laptop for too long on the internet and want to set a specific webpage to show, then proxy server works best for it. You just need to manually configure the proxy settings before you hand it over to your children.
  2. As computer and devices are must for the company, a corporation can restrict using or surfing various website in company time using a proxy and monitor their logs and their works.
  3. The proxy server can be a handful in speeding up your connection and information search. Proxy Server speedup your internet connection and saves the bandwidth by keeping website copy locally. Though thousands of people hit request for one site, it sends one request to the internet and saves the copy of the website.
  4. If you need strong privacy over your web page browsing, you can do it easily with the support of Proxy. With the proxy server, you can browse or surf the internet more privately and change the IP address so that the machine cannot track where you are.
  5. Through Proxy Server, connectivity security and data security can be increased. Because the proxy server helps to prevent malware and common virus which can hit on your computer for stealing your data.
  6. Sometimes some website is blocked in different region or country. Proxy Server enables you to access various blocked sites and resources
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