WiFI extenders

How Wi-Fi Extender Works?

WiFi extenders

WiFi extender is a device used for expanding the WiFi range or signal. Sometimes, it is also called range expender. Though it has many names and all of them are related to the phrase Wi-Fi Boosting. People use Wifi extender to have better wifi coverage and data transfer speed. WiFi extender normally amplifies the WiFi signal through wifi antenna and rebroadcast it to your devices. WiFi extender is commonly known as WiFi booster. Various types of tools are used as WiFi extender. Those are followings,

  1. Wireless Repeaters: This first-generation WiFi extender was used for re-broadcasting the WiFi signal to a wider range. It receives WiFi signal from the main router and then re-distribute the signal as same as the main router. This WiFi extender is known as Wireless Repeater. It repeated the wifi signal from the main router to selected areas.  You can easily set up on your office or home to boost your wifi signal and speed up the data transfer. Highest 5 wireless repeaters can be installed for a single router and more than that will lose its purpose.
  2. Wireless Range Extenders: A stand-alone equipment used for extending the range of the WiFi. It is more like a wireless repeater but is equipped with modern technology. Wireless Range Extender needed to put where you want better wireless coverage. The range extender is very much sensitive to location. If you don?t put the range extender to the right location you will not get proper signal coverage. So, you must be careful about putting the range extender.
  3. WiFi Network Extenders: This WiFi extender works best as WiFi booster. WiFi Network Extender is the best WiFi boosters in term of high-speed and reliability. It gives you what you need in one tool. High-speed data transfer, equal signal strength, and network coverage is its specialty. It covers each and every corner of your apartment or house so that you can have the same speed where ever you are with your device at home.

The reason behind using WiFi Extenders or Booster is,

  1. WiFi extender helps you getting reliable, fast and strong WiFi connection all over the place to ensure the same data speed and network signal.
  2. It transmits the same signal every corner in its range with its strong WiFi Antenna.
  3. When the places or house is very large and the signal gets weaker outside your home, WiFi extender is the best choice for you.
  4. With wifi extender, you can get the wifi coverage outside of your home and have reliable network signal and data transfer speed.

WiFi extender becomes handy when you put it in the right place and configure it right on the basis of your home, apartment and office. Too many extenders can cause failure of the true objective of your WiFi extender.