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Importance of the virtual data room for the mid-market

The concept of artificial intelligence causes different reactions and associations among people. For example, some people admire it, and some are afraid of it because they think that robots will soon replace human labor. But programs with the use of AI can increase a company’s productivity and its competitive advantage, improve the security of your data and accelerate many business processes. One such program is virtual data rooms, and in this article, we will tell why they are so important for today’s companies.

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room is one of the most secure ways today to store and share sensitive data. Typically, a VDR acts as a secure Web site or Web application. Companies that use this tool will have more flexibility in managing their time and costs because they no longer need to use paper documents or schedule in-person meetings. You can invite third-party users into your space to let them review your documents, discuss important issues about a deal, and even close a deal without leaving their office, home, or any other location.

VDR allows you to upload any level of confidentiality, legal or financial documents, intellectual property, trade secrets, and any other corporate file you want to upload to your space.  

General Features and Features of VDRs

Below we’ll briefly outline a list of features that any quality virtual data room providers offer:

  • Easy access to files – although VDR is equipped with the best security features, authorized users can easily access the information they need from any device and any location regardless of the time of day
  • Security and encryption -The main feature of VDR is the ability for the administrator to control access and interaction with the documents at his discretion. All files in the repository are protected by state-of-the-art encryption features, password protection with dual authentication, and single sign-on capability. Watermarks also protect documents from data leakage
  • Easy document management – Downloading and restructuring documents is much easier with VDRs. Use the bulk upload and drag-and-drop feature to speed up the transfer of files into the space. Also, VDRs like offers automatic indexing and smart document search 
  • Monitoring and Reporting – you can easily keep track of all the activity that goes on inside a room, who went into what document, and what they did there. And automatic reporting offers all this information clearly and simply, so you are always aware of the events

What benefits do companies have from using VDRs?

Data rooms are important to today’s companies when it comes to security, but that’s not the only thing these spaces can bring benefits to:

  • Transparency and improved trust – Trust and communication between the two parties to a transaction must be strong because this also affects the success of the transaction. VDRs provide transparency into your company’s operations, but at the same time, do not expose your data to the risk of leakage
  • Economic efficiency – With this tool, you’ll see your costs go down all the time. You no longer have to spend money on printing and stitching the document, on maintaining a physical data room, on travel, and so on. It also saves you time and makes your company greener, which is a big plus these days
  • Global accessibility – VDRs erase absolutely any boundaries between you and your potential partners. Even if they are on the other side of the planet, you can contact them instantly and provide all the necessary documents for the transaction
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