Picking the Best Antivirus: Kaspersky or Bitdefender

It is difficult to choose the appropriate antivirus at the moment: the availability of multiple alternatives with their pros and cons will most likely confuse the average user. Still, one question appears more frequently among other topical debates. Which antivirus solution is better: Kaspersky or Bitdefender?

In this review, we will try answering that question. Let’s check the opportunities and advantages of each contestant separately.


The Internet is far from being safe nowadays, so the chosen antivirus solution should protect you against cyber threats well for sure. Kaspersky Internet security is the program using reliable algorithms and offering outstanding extra instruments to guarantee you safety when surfing the web.

There exist certain risks when using online shopping and online banking services making you vulnerable for money theft threats if there is no appropriate protection. The consequences may be catastrophic if a banking Trojan or a keylogger program infiltrates the system. Many people lost thousands of dollars only because they were not careful and attentive enough when buying something online.

The online payment protection solutions are parts of multiple antivirus packages. However, the “Safe Money” instrument by Kaspersky definitely is among the best. Kaspersky is able to notice when you are about to initiate any financial transaction online.

Along with that, you can launch the protected “sandbox” browser which is beyond the malware access, and use the virtual keyboard by Kaspersky to outplay any keylogger potentially present in a system.

Moreover, the solution by Kaspersky regularly reaches top ratings of lab tests on malware protection.

So, the Internet Security pack by Kaspersky is among the best in terms of the price-to-performance correlation. The basic level proposition is a pretty solid but entry-caliber solution. The provider’s most expensive pack – Total Security – includes some pretty useless kits while being pricy enough.


Bitdefender became one of the biggest antivirus security developers. The company has over 500 million users all over the globe. And almost all of them are happy and satisfied clients.

The Total Security by Bitdefender is among the top-tier solutions for home usage cases. In addition to being extremely effective when identifying and neutralizing viruses, it also offers the entire package of security kits, one of the most “charged” sets available. Some of the functions offered in Bitdefender Total Security:

  • Automated adjustable line of real-time defense to neutralize all types of malware;
  • Phishing, fraud and spam protection for web surfing cases;
  • Data theft countermeasures;
  • Instruments to optimize the system;
  • The proprietary VPN;
  • Parental control;
  • Password manager.

And there is more!

Of course, quality is the priority, but every single function of Bitdefender works stably and excellently. It provides highly efficient setting instruments, reliable anti-theft software and a fast and comfortable VPN service.

What is more important is that Bitdefender obtains and incredibly powerful antivirus core engine. The empowered threat protection module regularly monitors active programs to make sure they don’t behave suspiciously, while the multi-leveled ransomware threat protection remains active and does not let encrypted files be stolen.

The only lack of Bitdefender is its complexity causing it to take time to install all the necessary pieces and modules. Still, it is a powerful solution for those who have enough time to adjust the app correctly.


Kaspersky and Bitdefender are two antivirus solutions that are reliable but serving a bit different purposes. In case financial protection and web-surfing security is what you need, use the Kaspersky Internet Security pack without overpaying for the functions you don’t need. If you want to get the full-scale anti-virus security regardless of how much it costs, Bitdefender is among the very best propositions a modern market of antiviruses can offer.