Spectrum Security Suite: Is it Really Good?

Spectrum is a company from the USA that provides services in the television and Internet fields and also develops various products with voice capabilities. However, today we will be interested in one of their products called Spectrum Security Suite. This software product is an antivirus service that protects your computer in everyday work.

Advantages of This Service:

  • High security;
  • Possibility of receiving urgent warning of danger in the system;
  • Receive SMS virus notifications;
  • Push notifications for smartphone and browser.

The Disadvantages of This Antivirus are:

  • Lack of multilingualism;
  • Impossible to apply for large companies.

Next, we will try to consider the most important parameters that characterize this antivirus. Besides, we will additionally find all the functions and protection levels that this platform offers.

Most Important Antivirus Features

High level of protection. This utility provides complete protection for your devices and real-time analysis of all running programs and services. This approach helps protect your computer from most of the most famous viruses, including:

  • Resident virus
  • Multilateral virus
  • Direct action virus
  • Browser hijacker
  • Overwrite virus
  • Web scripting virus
  • Boot Sector Virus, and so on.

Automation Functions Of Program Protective Properties

There are few users today who prefer to protect their device or clean viruses manually. In addition, modern technology allows you to administer the protection of your computer using automatic virus removal. You can configure the system so that with every action that the system takes to protect your computer, you will receive an alert. Immediately after you confirm that the utility found by the antivirus program is infected, it can be deleted or, if desired, restored for further work.

Additional Features That Come With The Antivirus Package

In addition to a high-class antivirus, the package also includes a secure firewall that has proven itself for devices running on Windows and Mac operating systems. The main goal of the firewall is to provide a reliable Internet connection for the user and also to protect the computer from unauthorized sources who are trying to gain access or steal information.

The Effective Computer Protection System

This function allows users to determine which of the sites are malicious. In this case, the system automatically analyzes possible locations and gives its assessment of the level of security of the resource. Thus, if you meet a site which is indicated by the letter F, this means that staying on this site is unsafe. The user is required to receive a notification in the event of the opening of such websites.

Nevertheless, if you wish, you can continue to stay on this site, although the program does not recommend it. However, it is worth noting that this function is available only to those users who work with the Windows operating system.

High-Class Spyware Protection

Spyware programs are utilities that try to steal information and personal data from your device in various ways. This can be passwords, bank card information, photos and other sensitive data. In the future, this information can be used by advertisers in order to show you the most acceptable advertising. Nevertheless, the same information can be used by hackers who can significantly harm you and your reputation. Therefore, the use of high-quality antivirus is a priority for active Internet users.