The Secrets of Choosing a Crate for a Dog

Made the right decision – tame the dog in a confined space. We will help you choose a product, determine what you need – a cage or aviary. The wrong decision harms the pet – read the article, find out the nuances of choosing a temporary or permanent home for the animal. Read on our dog crates review and make the right choice.

What is the buyer’s biggest mistake?

People often feel sorry for pets and acquire a large cage for a dog. A “normal” item is one in which the guard can:

  • rise
  • turn around
  • lie down
  • stretch out.

In excessively large crates, the dog does not feel safe – the body is not protected on all sides by strong walls. Instinct tells: big predators are close. The animal is nervous, barks anxiously prevent to rest. The reason is the wrong size choice.

Types of the dog’s crates

There are 5 types of crates in the store:

  • wire
  • plastic
  • with soft walls
  • high strength
  • funny for puppies and little dogs.

Wire cages are suitable for long-haired animals and dogs from countries with a hot climate. Some models are divided into two parts. Convenient for two guards or a large puppy. The septum is removed when the dog grows. Folding models are easy to transport or move to another place;

Crates made of plastic

  • This is a good choice for dogs who love coziness, sleep in corners and under tables;
  • Suitable for transporting a pet;
  • It is difficult for a dog to get out and escape from an object;
  • The store has a lot of colors;
  • Poorly ventilated;
  • Close the review at 360 °.
  • Cells with soft walls:
  • Transportable;
  • Suitable for small, non-chewing dogs;
  • Good for the road, picnics and summer cottages;


Items are bought by people who do not want dogs to spoil the yard unattended or to raise puppies. When choosing, the following factors should be considered:

Dimensions. Determined by the volume of the dog or group of pets and the space allocated under the aviary. Some animals like to jump out of cages. Buy an item without a roof or with low walls – the dog will wave its tail and run away for a walk.

Aviaries are made from:

  • Strong and reliable items. Heavy, require fixing. Are expensive;
  • Playpens suitable for frisky dogs, not prone to the destruction of surrounding objects;
  • Woven materials. This is the choice for puppies and good-natured pets. Light objects are easy to carry.

At first glance, the easier the better. But this is not so. A heavy aviary is harder to turn over, push it from a place, especially when there is no anchor system or stabilizers.

The upper surface is forgotten. Roofs are sold separately for playpens or the item is included. The roof is important:

  • for jumping dogs,
  • when the sun comes out, and the aviary is protected by tree branches,
  • protection against puppies and small breeds against birds of in nature.

Street objects are anchored. Home aviaries are reinforced with plastic weighting agents.


When choosing cells and aviaries, the buyer comes first at price. But the desire to save on manufacturing material leads to customer disappointment.