What are the Best Free VPN for Torrenting?

The software is primarily dedicated to the transition of files, and the specific formula of such a process made it very popular all over the world. Even though Torrent is almost about a data transfer, free usage promoted copyright infringement. Developed countries started to implement fines for promoters of lawbreaking, which forced users to use VPN apps to hide IP-address. Even though most popular protecting services are paid, we present the best free VPN for torrenting.

  1. Hotspot Shield would be the right choice for those who use Torrent daily but without a need for substantial data amounts. That is because the service presents only 500 Mb per day; they decided to avoid speed restrictions not to create a full range of struggles. Also, the company offers only 4 servers for choosing, but all those numbers are quite acceptable for the free application. Everyone knows that safety is the priority in the current digital world, and Hotspot Shield is fully reliable in this field.
  2. Windscribe VPN, probably, the most well-known free app for torrenting as has an excellent overall reputation. The company presents 10 Gb of costless traffic per month at an acceptable speed. Eleven countries with free servers are also looking suitable for such a proposition. As usual, paid version opens almost unlimited possibilities even for daily usage of big data with a full range of safety.
  3. Security Kiss will be the next due to the month’s amount of free traffic, which is divided into 300 Mb per day. Speed limitations also take place in the costless version, similar to only 4 location points to choose from. Such an app will be suitable for not very active users or those without huge needs. Defense level and overall protection are also on the good level, while paid version means an upgrade of all the described parameters.
  4. application has even more stints for free users. Thus, 2Gb per month is far from the best dreams, but it’s availability at once gives the possibility to download some piece of information without any danger. Also, the client will receive only three countries of hidden servers to choose with limitation of speed up to 3 Mbps. Numbers are not astonishing, but reliability makes the difference and makes one of the most popular free VPN for torrenting.
  5. Surfeasy VPN is also regarded by specialists as one of the most reliable protectors of personal information. The costless version presents 15 countries for choosing your virtual place. Also, they promise unlimited bandwidth, which is very useful for downloading data through Torrent. However, an economic app will give only 600 Mb per month, which overcome almost all the advantages, but still should be regarded by potential clients.
  6. ProXPN is also an exciting variant if you are looking for the best free VPN for torrenting due to its excellent reliability. Despite the fact that only 1 server is available to rely on, it can be acceptable as the app presents unlimited traffic. However, the most influential limitation is bandwidth, which is only 300 Mbps. When the conversation is about downloading, speed makes the difference, but in some cases, even numbers mentioned a few sentences above are reasonable.

*Note! All the highlighted VPNs give almost unlimited possibilities if you choose a paid version.

What about other free VPNs?

Even though the most reliable applications with unlimited possibilities are usually payable, some VPN companies present quite pleasant conditions upon a free version. However, such protectors should be double-checked or avoided due to high risks. For instance, some free VPNs for torrenting can ignore deep levels of protection or even use your information for their purposes. That is even quite fair as developers have to receive some benefits after creating a product. So, that is only your choice what will be the payment for VPN usage: some cash or important information.